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Are you a young person who is in need of help and support? Have you been homeless or are you currently homeless? Are you looking for a different way to live but don’t know where to begin? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Tired of always looking over your shoulder? Or are there things you dream of doing but don’t have the resources to make those things happen?


For immediate assistance call or text: (507)254-3387

Or, contact us by private email below.


Project Legacy youth are young people who may have experienced homelessness and abuse. Some of our youth have many siblings and have had to rely only on themselves since they were very young. Some of our youth left home because of abuse or a lack of support. Some of our youth have parents who simply were ill-equipped to care for them. Many of our youth struggle with hopelessness and depression. Some of our youth have attempted suicide. Others cut. Some have eating disorders. Most of our youth have parents who are chemically-dependent and who have been incarcerated.

There is no shame in any of these things. And at Project Legacy there is no judgement. We understand because we have been where you are now.

At Project Legacy, we understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. We will stand beside you and walk next to you until you are ready to step out in your own. At Project Legacy, we will provide the emotional and material supports you need in order to successfully navigate the world.


What all of our youth have in common is a desire for a better life and the attitude that they will do whatever it takes to create that positive future.


What we require of Project Legacy youth:

  • The desire for something better and the willingness to put that desire into action.
  • That you be chemical- free while in Project Legacy. No substance abuse of any kind - this includes weed and under-age drinking. If you can’t stop on your own/if you are chemically dependent, we will assist you in accessing treatment and support you in becoming and remaining drug-free. If you relapse, we are still here for you - all we ask is that you are honest about your use and that you are willing to try again. As long as you are willing to keep trying, we are here for you!