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Thank you for your interest in making a difference for our youth. Supporters like you make Project Legacy's work possible. From making financial gifts to sharing your time, there are many ways to help.

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Please support us by making a contribution. Donate directly with the 'Donate Now' button below. If you prefer, to send a check, please make it out to Project Legacy. Every dollar makes a difference!


Helping Project Legacy youth by donating your time and energy is always appreciated. And there are several projects where volunteers really make a difference:

Operation Nourish

Offers nutritious food to Project Legacy youth. Every other week volunteers self-organize to purchase groceries, write caring notes, and drop them off for sorting and delivery.

Operation Comfort Food

Helps create a nurturing environment for the Project Legacy healing circles. Volunteers prepare and deliver food, and are encouraged to share in the meal portion of the meeting. Simple connection through food creates a sense of community.

Operation Encourage

Provides support to Project Legacy students. Each volunteer is matched with a student and sends monthly care packages during the school year. From September through May, simple notes and small gifts let them know someone is thinking of them.

Operation Connect

Offers a point of contact and hope for incarcerated Project Legacy youth. Volunteers correspond by writing letters of support and encouragement.



Project Legacy is about hope and helping to create change. You can help create that change by advocating for Project Legacy. Let your friends know about our youth and what they accomplish. Share our Facebook posts and our successes. Help your community understand the importance of the work the Project Legacy – share our stories, our outcomes, our goals.