At Project Legacy, this is our why.

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There are nine years between these pictures.

The first picture shows one of our youth, Akoy, when she first started at Project Legacy as a fourth grader at Gage Elementary. The second picture shows Akoy today as a sophomore at St. Cloud State University.

A shy, insecure ten year old, now, a student leader and peer mentor.

At Project Legacy, this is our why. All month long, we’ll be sharing the stories of Project Legacy youth so you can understand our why even more. You’ll read the stories of youth who have been in our program for ten years, and others who joined 10 months ago. Each story is one of resiliency, triumph and the determination for a better future.

These stories share the lives of young men and women who lived in generational poverty but had a desire for something different — something better.

Stories of hope and possibility. 
Stories of healing and new beginnings. 
Stories that prove there is no easy way, but with support and determination there always opportunity and possibility of a positive future.

What does support through Project Legacy look like? 

Groceries when there is no food in the home.
Gas to get to and from work and school.
Cell phones to stay in touch with employers, probation officers and colleges offering scholarships. 
Money to pay for therapy, dental work and doctors when insurance won't cover it. 
Planting the seeds of recovery from addiction — and then providing support, accountability and resources for treatment and ongoing recovery.
Positive social and recreation opportunities necessary for physical, emotional and social health. 
Transportation to and from school.
Money to cover unpaid tuition that financial aid and minimum wage jobs can't cover.
Dorm supplies.
Car repairs. 
College visits. 

And just as important as providing these things, most importantly, Project Legacy is about providing belonging.

To a positive peer group that relates with where youth have been, but shows them the hope of where they can go.
To a sober community supportive of recovery,
To a group of adults who are trained and equipped to support the process of healing;
To an accepting, non-judgemental community focused on healing past traumas through therapy, love, and belonging.

This level of support is extravagant. But this is the kind of support required to break generational cycles of dysfunction, pain, trauma, despair and hopelessness. Project Legacy is removing barriers and creating opportunities — through extravagant love, support and community.

This is our why, and our why is their why: Hope for a better future, and the support it takes to get there.

Project Legacy exists because of donors just like you. Please consider becoming a Legacy Partner today and join others paving the way for a better future for our youth.

Karen Edmonds