Introducing the Project Legacy Speakers' Forum

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Earlier this month, we announced Bryan Lund joined our team at Project Legacy. Bryan is a local writer, reporter and instructor at Rochester Community and Technical College and has helped us form the Project Legacy Writer's Workshop, a program to help our young people develop their writing skills.

Since launching this program in June, our youth have had weekly classes where they've been learning the skills needed to prepare for the upcoming school year. But perhaps the most beautiful part of the workshop is that our young people are also learning how to tell their own stories, through their eyes and using writing as a way to communicate their lived experience.

As is true in all of our programs, we have seen that giving our young people a voice leads to empowerment, hope and opportunity. Now, with these voices we are creating a platform.

The Project Legacy Writer's Workshop is pleased to announce the Project Legacy Speakers Forum, a place for people of color to share stories of hope and encouragement. Representation matters to us, to our young people, and to our community, and we're confident the events we have coming up will create the space for our young people to share, grow and flourish.

Because representation matters. Because stories matter. Because our youth matter.

The Project Legacy Speakers' Forum is a place where community leaders of color share their stories of hope, power, inspiration and transformation.

With our first event having taken place on July 8th featuring Guthrie Capossela, Member of Standing Rock, American Indian Education Adminstrator at MDE, we look forward to the events yet to come.

This monthly program will be moderated by Project Legacy youth and will feature stories you won’t want to miss. Mark your calendars and plan on attending on the days below!

Future speakers include:

August 5 (CANCELLED)

Andre Crockett Sr.

Chao Mwatela

September 16

Senator Jeff Hayden

October 7

Keith Bland

Willie Tipton

November 4

Fabian Luna

Will II Ruffin

December 9

Tierre Webster

Toby Taylor

Coming in 2020

Thu Park

Nasra Jimale

Cesar Enrique

John Edmonds

Leondo Henry

And more!

To share your story or learn more about the Project Legacy Speakers’ Forum, contact us today or email Karen Edmonds at

Karen Edmonds