Mid-year progress update: A review of our impact

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At Project Legacy, our work is not easy. Working with young people facing challenges like generational trauma, racism and abuse requires commitment, dedication and unconditional love.

But over the years, we've seen our model work. Today, we're proud to share a review of our impact during the first half of the year.

As an organization, we recently celebrated 10 college graduations and numerous high school and middle school graduations. We're continuously reminded of the impact of our work, work which would not be possible without donor support.

Thank you for investing in our mission and helping sustain the lives and legacies of our young people for years to come.

Because of your support, so far this year we’ve been able to:

  • Expand our youth programs to include middle school youth.

  • Hired Alysha Carlisle, an alumnus of Project Legacy, to be our new social work assistant.

  • Launched our formal Peer Mentoring Program, a program where older peers from Project Legacy are trained to mentor middle school youth and co-facilitate weekly Healing Circles.

  • Two Project Legacy youth completed a 6-month resiliency training led by Dr. Amit Sood, a world-renowned resiliency expert and began incorporating resiliency training in weekly Healing Circles. 

  • Began a weekly writer’s workshop with an RCTC English Teacher, Bryan Lund, that will be held throughout the summer for students at Project Legacy.

  • Launched a partnership with Rideability, an opportunity for middle school youth, peers and volunteers to engage in equine therapy.

  • Began planning special trips for youth, including a winter program at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center for middle school participants, an opportunity we will be hosting on an annual basis, in addition to planning trips to National Parks in the United States, most recently Yellowstone in June 2019.

  • Launched our Youth Housing Committee to develop the strategy and next steps for our Youth Housing Program, a program that would provide safe and supportive housing to Project Legacy participants in need of this service.

We are grateful for the support we’ve received so far in 2019 and look forward to continuing a year of hope, healing and support of the young people we are honored to serve. To continue supporting the work of Project Legacy, please continue becoming a Legacy Partner today. Our Legacy Partners Program is a monthly giving initiative that provides a sustainable foundation for Project Legacy.

Thank you for your generous support.

Karen Edmonds