Working for Things in Life

"I want to apologize for coming at you the way I did last year and expecting a handout, rather than working for it. All the programs I've been in have been handouts, you kno, and I mean it's not a bad thing, but I understand PL after Circle tonight. I have to work for the things I want in life. & You are an amazing role model and i love and appreciate everything you do. When Alysha said that PL is a family, and we're here to be there and support one another, that really touched my heart because I don't have anyone there for me and to have strangers be so humble and kind and want the best for you, that's powerful, I really had to hold back my tears. I've been sober for almost a month now & PL is just what I need so I don't go wayward. I need family, a home. People who can relate and not judge me. I need healthy relationships. I'm ready to learn more about how to do this thing called life and learn skills to becoming who and what I aspire to be, to learn how to open up about everything I've been through and not feel judged. I'm soooooooo soo happy I came to circle tonight. Thank you so much Karen."

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