Remind Her

The heart bleeds self hatred
The mind's filled with insecurities that run so low
Self esteem so Weak
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
But it seems like it's really in all the magazines, shows on TV, it's all in society
Making young girls weep
Wishing .. and Dreaming
That they could be what they see
"Somebody please help me!" She screams
See she smiles on the outside to cover what's been burried within
Daddy bailed out on her, Mom tried
But it seems like the Devil always wins, and cannot be defeat
Staying up long nights
Fists clenched so tight
Angry at everything, Everyone's always trying to start a fight
All this agravation, contemplation on whether to live this thing called life
Or push the termination...Button
She says 65 pills of that X will end this life , just like that, done
She's living a hell, some call it depression
Doctors giving out medication like it's nothing
Feeling good one day & the next day, worthless
Reminiscing on all the times you've been hurt
Throwing yourself in the dirt
But she doesn't realize how many gold bars she's really worth
She's beautiful
And to sad was never meant
It's just, she's living in the past
Wondering how long this will last
Countless nights on her knees
Praying for her prayers to get answered fast
It's like she's taking 5 steps forward
And 10 steps back

So remind her
That regardless of what life throws at her
Regardless of everything she's been through
She's beautiful
She's strong
And that things will go wrong
But she needs to be reminded
That she's not JUST living
But living to fulfill life's purpose
They say you only have one life to live
 Live it to the fullest!

-Abuk Deng

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