Yesterday in Project Legacy

1. This little one had her first day of preschool.
2. One of our girls who we helped apply for Gage East housing was accepted and can move in when we pay the deposit and first month's rent (just one way your donations are used).
3. We met with one of our boys and a counselor at RCTC to develop a plan for him to get back into college.
4. We set up a meeting with the mother of one of our boys who has not been attending school.
5. We gave a gas card to one of our college students who just started a new job and needs some help until that first pay check arrives.
6. We visited a homeless youth at the JDC. He is a refugee and his parents have disowned him.
7. We had a heart to heart with another youth who has to go to JDC because he was with some friends who had drugs on them when they were pulled over by the police.
8. Scheduled a time to go buy boots and college supplies for one of our girls who is going back to college on Sunday. Let her know we'd have to leave at 7 am so I can get back for a 1:30pm board meeting.
9. Followed up with DEED regarding our grant.
10. Answered emails from three probation officers regarding three referrals.
11. Called an auto garage about tires for one of our students.
12. Made sure all kids who need groceries this week, have their list in for Operation Nourish. I think about all of these little things we do that are usually done by parents. I think about how, if you've been on your own for most of your life, the playing field has never been level (talk about equity!). I think of my adult children who sometimes need some help. I think about my college-aged and high school kids who don't have to worry about how they're going to get to work, or buy food or register for school or make a college visit or pay for a root canal...... Project Legacy intervenes before that proverbial straw can land.....we intervene and we do what all good parents do so that our youth don't just survive.....they will thrive and soar.