2019 Resolutions, As Told By The Youth of Project Legacy

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This past year, Project Legacy experienced an unprecedented level of growth — in the numbers of youth that came through our doors seeking support, in the number of referrals we received from professionals and organizations, and in the support we received from individual donors, foundations and volunteers.

We are so grateful for this growth and the insurmountable support from all of you, our community.

With each supporter, whether an advocate, volunteer or donor, comes increased opportunities for the young people of Project Legacy. And because of you, we are confident that 2019 is going to be another great year, with expansion, new initiatives, and most importantly, more opportunities for the youth we serve on the horizon.

So today, join us in celebrating the new year — the milestones yet to come and the plans put into action in order to achieve them. At a Circle group just over a week ago, we talked to our youth about resolutions and the importance of having a plan in order to be successful in reaching goals. Here are the resolutions they shared for 2019:

  • Find self-discipline

  • Create a routine

  • Address my mental health

  • Be more consistent

  • Do a better job of staying positive

  • Set myself up for success

  • Get my drivers license (three young adults expressed this as a resolution)

  • Catch up on child support

  • Find a goal

  • Cut back on work hours and focus on school

  • Try harder

  • Get back into school

  • Join the nursing club at school

  • Open a savings account

  • Improve my credit score

  • Improve my GPA

  • Believe that it's ok to focus on school instead of working to support my mom and siblings

  • Learn how to love my family from a safe distance

  • Be more disciplined

  • Expand my professional network

  • Confront my social anxiety by taking an in-person class instead of all online classes.

  • Ask for help and then accept it

  • Open up more

We’re so proud of our youth in setting these goals and look forward to a year of helping them achieve them. With support, unconditional love and our community rallying around us, we know they will.

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Karen Edmonds