My Project Legacy Giving Story — Sarah Harper

The following story was submitted by one of Project Legacy’s board members, Sarah Harper, about her experience giving back during the holidays.

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“This holiday season, my team at Mayo Clinic, the Rochester Electronic Health Record Support Assistant (ESA) team, worked with Project Legacy to sponsor a family with five children during the holidays. Our team pooled funds and was able to purchase each child in the family a Christmas gift from their wish list. The middle schoolers each received sweatshirts, sweatpants, and new sneakers. The younger children received a Barbie doll house and a coloring kit.

Our team wanted to give back to a family in need, and knew Project Legacy was the perfect group to partner with to help identify a family that needed some extra help this holiday season. We asked the family to send us a wish list, and once all the cash was collected, we took the kids’ wish list and went shopping.

It was an incredible experience, and as one of my team members, Brit, shares: “I was giddy the whole time. It was so fun, and I put a lot of thought into each item I purchased for the kids. I even made sure their outfits matched!”

Being involved in Project Legacy for the past 6 months has been a true blessing. Sharing the mission of this organization with my coworkers was one of my greatest gifts this holiday season."

Thank you, Sarah, for your dedication and commitment to Project Legacy. And thank you to everyone who helped to make this a merry holiday season for Project Legacy children and youth.

The older sister of one of our middle school girls told us that her younger sister cried when she opened a gift from one of our volunteers. That's how much one present means to the youth at Project Legacy.

Trust, hope and transformation...that’s how lives are changed, and sometimes, it’s as simple as a thoughtful Christmas gift to convey the message that our young people are loved, cared for and valued.

We look forward to hearing your giving stories throughout 2019 and are confident the impact will be evident to you, to our community, and most importantly, to the young people at Project Legacy.

Start a monthly giving plan by joining our Legacy Partners Program. Every month, your giving will contribute directly to opportunity and support for our youth participants.

Karen Edmonds